Spiritual Direction

‘The Christian spiritual tradition has often employed the image of mountain climbing, since the spiritual life is a life of toil and progress that includes struggles, dangers and joy,’ Simon Chan concludes in his book, Spiritual Theology, ‘..the new climber needs a guide, an experienced climber who can lead the way, point out the dangers, suggest the best equipment and offer a helping hand. The challenge seems less formidable in the reassuring presence of an experienced guide, who is the spiritual director – parent and companion.’

We are not to journey alone. There are experienced and matured Christians around who will help us on the journey. Who can teach us to be more Christ-like. To help us in our decision-making so that we can grow in our spiritual journey. To teach us to listen and obey the Voice of God. To hold us accountable in the external life that we show to the world and the inner life that we live with. It is up to us to look for them.

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